Current Trends

Trend is a pretty powerful word when you take some time to stop and think about it. Since joining this new media program I have become more aware of its importance in relation to the new media field. We have always been involved in trends from as far back as I can remember. Lego, mushroom cuts, Pog, Power Rangers, tear away pants, (god I hope those come back soon). The world would be pretty dull without trends. Everyone’s interested in the newest coolest thing. Trends tend to fade away only to be brought back years later with a new shade of light especially when it comes to fashion and design. In the world of new media however, trends don’t necessarily fade away they tend to grow and build off one another. We all know television has been around forever now but since the late 1920’s it has made major progress. I think it’s fair to say that we aren’t going to trade in our flat screens to sit in the living room and listen to Hockey Night In Canada on the radio. The latest craze in the world of television is the smart TV. My buddy actually just phoned me the other night and told me he bought a new LG smart TV.  I haven’t seen it yet but he rambled to me about it for a good 20 minutes.

Television itself is not new media unless it contains technologies that enable digital interactivity. With the new Smart TV’s, major company’s are doing just that developing faster, easier to use software and interfaces that enhance the digital interactivity of the user. According to Mike Heiss at 88% of tablet and 86% of smart phone owners use their device while watching TV. Company’s like Samsung, Sony, LG , Toshiba, and Panasonic are taking note of this and trying to bridge the gap between the two worlds. Smart TV’s focus less on traditional broadcast media gearing more towards online-interactive media, internet TV, over-the-top content and on-demand streaming. The smart TV lets you search for videos, movies, photo’s, websites on the internet as well as content on local cable or satellite providers. It also allows you to connect an external hard drive or access content in cloud storage. Some systems allow you to download and buy apps via an app store. It’s basically like having a giant computer but better. Services give users a way to track and receive reminders of their favorite shows, or sporting events. Although the concept of the smart TV is still in its early stages I believe it is a trend that will not fade away and we will continue to see grow. According to a report from the researchers at In-Stat by the year 2016 100 million homes in North America and Western Europe will own TV’s that blend traditional television programs with internet content.

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2 Responses to Current Trends

  1. Jamie says:

    A great post! You have a good understanding of trends and articulated your thoughts very clearly. Excellent and thoughtful research as well.

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