Future Trends

My Mom always told me to be happy with what you’ve got. I see her point in the whole scheme of life thing (make the best of any situation your put into). It’s a good way to go about things but the truth is most of us aren’t happy with what we’ve got. We are constantly striving for more, it’s the model of innovation our society lives in today. We want things to be as easy to use as possible, if it’s slow and hard to use forget it we don’t want to use it and we don’t want to read a novel full of boring instructions either! The easier it is to use means the more time spent doing what we want! Let’s dive into the inevitable and take a look at five media concepts that will continue to evolve over the foreseeable future.

1.Zeal iOn HD Camera Goggle


The Revolutionary Zeal iON POV action camera aims to change the way people use the point of view action camera. Built right into the impact resistant frame of the goggle the lens of the camera is sleek and barely noticeable. The camera embodies a 170 degree wide-angle view for great coverage range and uses infinite focus to automatically adjust to different light levels. The camera is capable of capturing full 1080p video and shooting 8MP stills. Inside the camera is a digital view finder so you can make sure that what you’re filming is in focus. The controls to the camera are glove friendly and placed on the side of the goggles to simplify the filming experience. The device offers instant replay footage and allows you to set up sequence or time-lapse shots. It runs for approximately 2.5 hours in the cold on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can capture about 120 minutes of footage on a 8GB micro SD card and yes you can upload all your work to your favourite social networks. These goggles are another big step in the development of the POV action camera and stand at the top of my christmas wish list this year.

2. Motrr Galileo


The Galileo is a gizmo that allows you to place your iPod phone on a self charging dock and control it with any other iOS device that you own. It rotates 360 degrees and tilts up and down. It’s perfect for video chat or conference meetings and it seems very simple to use. I guarantee these things will be flying of the shelves this christmas it’s a pretty cool and handy device. I can see other major phone company’s developing their own similar version of the device seeing as iOS devices are only compatible with Apple.

3. Nest Thermostat

NEST - Nest Learning Thermostat Now Shipping to Canada

Developed by the same guys who designed the iPod and iPhone you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. It’s got built-in Wi-Fi so you can program it from the home website or from the free apps for iOS and Android. This thing is deadly I need to get one. You can turn up the heat just before you get home to walk into a nice warm house or tell it to stay off while your gone. It actually turns on just by approaching it. It turns red when heating, blue when cooling and dark when the temperature is just right. Check this bad boy out for yourself.

4. Sony Internet Player with Google TV


Smart TV’s are sweet but we all know the concept is still in its early stages and by the time you get yours home there will be a newer smarter TV in the store with better technology. This may not bother you but I know it bothers me . I know smart TV’s offers more 3D and gaming options but if you’re not looking for all that jazz then why not save a little coin and pick up the Sony Internet Player with Google TV. All you need to set this up on your TV is a HDMI cord and at a price under $200 you can’t go wrong. The Sony Player offers a pretty deep Internet TV experience plenty of Google Play apps are right at your finger tips TV shows, movies, games and a fully-loaded Chrome Web Browser. The remote has a full keyboard on the back and a trackpad and buttons on the front. Maybe if I bought this for my old man this Christmas he’d finally start to use the internet.

5.  Sonos Sub


The Sonos speaker line already produces wireless speakers but they are again taking it up a notch with their new sub. The sub has a wireless one touch button setup and allows you to control all of your settings from your smart phone tablet or any other device. In order for the system to be compatible it must run off a Sonos amplifier. The System connects to your home WiFi and allows you to play music wirelessly from up to 16 different PC’s or from your docked iPod. The sub is so small and easy to move you can take it anywhere just plug it in and play.

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2 Responses to Future Trends

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for a great post. Always a good read when you post. Keep blogging man!

  2. joshsenkow31 says:

    Thanks Jamie……maybe!

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