Mult 124: Assignment 6.1

Obviously I’m going to use Brain Farm’s website as an example. The first thing you see when you hit the homepage of Brain Farm is usually a rad video of what they are currently working on or something they have done in the passed.  Either way I believe they do a great job using video on the homepage to draw the viewer in. After all they are a turn key digital cinema power house, why not show it? In this clip Curt introduces legendary skateboard film maker Ty Evans to the team.

This is an example of a bad video used on the internet. Im not sure if the video was actually used on a real website. If it was I’d like to know what they were drinking when they made it. ” I’ll have an extra tall glass of COMPLETELY BORING please”.

In Flames has been pumping out melodic death metal since almost before I was born. The melodic pioneers site is a good example of audio usage on a website. Rather then forcing it down your throat the site offers a section where you can click to listen to a run through of tracks off of their 10th studio album.

Here is an example of poor audio usage I’m not sure what was bad about the audio clip besides the boringness of talking about school budgets (maybe the actual talk show is just bad), anyway it was the only example I could find.

Flash just isn’t as popular as it used to be and Disney says that is just fine designing an incredible Flash animation based website that sits a top the best Flash website designs for 2013. The site is super engaging. is a perfect example of bad interactive animation using flash. There is way too much stuff going on it seems almost strange, at least we know they like to dance.

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