Mult 124 Assignment 7.1 is a really kick ass website even the initial loading bar is cool! Once the initial loading is done (takes about 10 seconds) your thrust into a cinematic movie like story about the last great supply of fresh drinking water left on earth. That alone sounds epic! Sign me up. The music selection sets the mood and your instantly connected to the intensity of the story. This site is far from boring every category has its own explanation to go along with a video or some other sort of interactivity. Overall it is a very interesting and powerful website.

I literally lol’d everywhere when I saw this website. Just the picture of a dog sitting in a chair with it’s arm up like it’s running for the next presidential election while giving the people’s eyebrow will get you every time. And the fact that its domain name is “high calling cockers” that too! Moving on from there every time you click on a category the  design on each page changes from one horrible design to another. Not to mention the navigation bar floats from the left, to the right, to not there at all. It looks like I designed this website for my mult 124 class. Check it out

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