DSGN 106

I heard Travis Rice say in an interview once that, “everything is impossible until it is done”. People with more of a background in Sci Fi or reading books may be familiar with the quote as Robert A Heinlein “the dean of science fiction” himself, said it many years ago. For me it was the first time I had heard the quote. I thought about it for a little while and realized that Heinlein and Rice may be onto something. There are a ton of crazy gadgets being developed right now that will no doubtably change our future and the way we do everyday tasks. Everything around us is constantly evolving at such a rapid pace it’s almost hard keeping up. When I was a kid I remember us joking around saying that by the time we’re 30 everyone will be flying around on magic carpets like Aladen. Believe me in 1998 that shit seemed impossible, in 2013 I’m contemplating a patent. All joking aside it is kind of neat to think about a world with no limits. Nothing surprises me anymore. I mean stuff will continue to blow my mind don’t get me wrong, like the 3D printer our New Media Communications class just got. That thing is totally mind boggling but it doesn’t suprise me. It just had to be done. Over the last few years it seems that all the rage has been wearable tech. Unfortuneatly for fashions sake it’s something that is here to stay whether we like it or not. myo-armband-gesture-mac-pc-0Myo ” The Next Generation of Gesture Control ” is an armband containing motion and muscle sensors that pick up on electrical activity in your muscles based on hand gestures to wirelessly control your electronics via Bluetooth…..(Say  What?)….. The armbands will work from the get go with the Mac and PC computers with IOS and Android support coming soon. The details on this thing are still pretty dense as they released this promotional video 2 weeks ago. The Myo can be pre orderd for $149 and is expected to ship late in 2013. Apparently the Myo had 10,000 pre orders in the first 2 days wich adds up to $1.5M in gross revenue. Personaly I think the armbands are cool and the potential is only limited to what the developers can come up with. What’s next?

youtube wikepedia complex magazine getmyo.com

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One Response to DSGN 106

  1. Jamie Olson says:

    Yes… wearable computing is definitely a hot topic at the moment. I’ve heard lots of news reports on this particular device and they always end talking about adoption rates. It seems fashion plays a part. I for one would totally wear this armband and think it has lots of practical uses. Good post…

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