DSGN 106 – 7.3 – Look at Several Unique Controls

eyecharm-2NUIA eyeCharm is taking the term unique user control experience to a whole new level with its eye tracking clip-on attachment for the Kinect. The eyeCharm officially reached its funding goal backed by the popular kick-starter on April 7th. This freakishly space aged technology allows users to control the interface of their computers with their eyes! Yeah I said it their eyes! The sleek device clips onto the front of your existing Kinect and attaches to your computer with a USB cord.eyecharm-1          The eyeCharm projects infrared light onto the user’s   face which is then detected by the Kinects infrared camera which allows the computer to subsequently determine what part of the on-screen display the user is looking at. Freaky right!? Hooking up Kinects microphone also allows for user controlled voice commands. The user can do things like zooming, page-flipping, selecting, scrolling and pretty much anything else just by shifting their eyes. The best part about the eyeCharm technology is its price of $60 very afforadable. Unfortunately the technology is currently only supported by Windows 7 and  8 operating systems, although designers are looking to expand concepts for OS X and Linux.  Hopefully the design team gets around to that sooner rather then later, because that’s the only way I’ll be testing it out.

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