Chase Jarvis

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. No matter how prepared or un prepared we are in life we can’t predict the future or guarantee that things are going to end up the way we want them to. Sometimes you just have to be in the right spot at the right time. Although this may all sound cliché there is something I would like to add to this. It’s a quote Jon Gruden (Monday Night Football announcer and former Super Bowl winning Head coach) stole from a Mid – 1st century Roman philosopher, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Ever since hearing the quote it has stuck with me. There is no such thing as luck. Take for example the lottery, sure millions of people play and it’s totally random who ends up with the winning number but if we don’t take the initiative (preparation) to buy a ticket and check the numbers, we aren’t going to be magically slapped in the face with a big wad of cash like most of us hope. I believe the only way for us to fully prepare ourselves for our opportunity is to be passionate and believe in the work we are doing. I stumbled upon this Chase Jarvis guy a couple of weeks ago by accident or maybe it wasn’t an accident now that I think of it. If you know about Chase you know he is a very passionate dude, he has made it his life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards anything he endeavours. Chase is a bold, unique, confident, and genuine innovator. He believes deeply in team work, community, and collaboration. Chase has won a slew full of awards becoming a ten-year overnight success and the youngest person to ever win the Hasselblad Masters Award which is one of the most distinguished awards in the industry. He is best known as a photographic master but this guy pretty much does it all. Photo District News Magazine named Chase as one of the top 30 photographers of the past decade. What makes Chase so remarkable is that he is self-taught and has learned everything he knows through experimentation and independent study.  Chase has been told no many times and many people believe he came out of no where and that all of his success kind of just happened. Those people obviously haven’t heard the Jon Gruden quote. Chase isn’t afraid to be different. He takes pride in being disruptive as he is constantly challenging himself artistically to come up with new ideas that push the status quo. He is known for a kinetic style of photography with a preeminence on lifestyle and sports aswell as landscape imagery.

Check out more of his awesome photos at Early on in his career Chase received winning recognition at select film festivals while flirting with filmmaking, producing and directing. In 2008 Chase was actually the only artist in the world to have access to the worlds first HDdSLR when he launched it for Nikon. With this new technology his career erupted as a new “indie” Director and Producer of commercials, short films and music videos. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Subaru, Red Bull, Volvo, Polaroid, Honda, Microsoft and Columbia Sportswear just to name a few. He’s also worked with multi-platinum music artists Sarah Mclachlan and members of Pearl-Jam. Jarvis loves to share his knowledge with the world and truly believes the more you give the more you get. He is also the author of three books Seattle 100 Portrait of a City, Stevens Pass (limited edition) only 2500 copies were made and in 2009 The Best Camera Is The One Thats With You. The book is part of an ecosystem and is combined with an online web-site and iPhone app. The iPhone app “Best Camera” was revolutionary and ultimately reformed the paradigm of the photo app world by allowing users to creatively edit pictures with filters and easily send the images via social media right within the interface of the app. As if this guy hasn’t done enough already in 2010 Chase created one of the worlds fastest growing online educations, He is a popular presenter and Keynote speaker and has spoken on 5 continents. Chase has spoken for Fortune 500 companies, top universities and even presented at the renowned TEDx conferences. Currently Jarvis and his team are airing a series over the internet called ChaseJarvisLIVE. The purpose of the show is to have a question and answer style interview with other professional photographers, art directors, authors, and producers to spread their knowledge to the world, which is how I came across him. Here is the first episode I ever watched. I knew nothing about Chase and was interested in the people he was interviewing but could immediately tell that this guy is a BOSS! Jarvis believes one of the key traits to success in this industry is vision, how do we see the world? Chase is a very intelligent and interesting person and is quickly becoming someone I look forward to following and learning from as I prepare myself for my opportunity.


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Response to Mult 120 questions

In this day and age most of us are aware of the power of the internet. It is one of the most useful and interesting tools out there. As of 2011 nearly a third of the Earth’s Human population used the services of the internet according to Wikipedia. If you don’t know what the internet is or how to use it you are in the minority. My 80-year-old grandpa uses the internet, he may not exactly be good/fast at “surfing the web” but he knows what it is and how to check his e-mails if he has to. One of the greatest advantages of the internet is having the ability to use graphic images to help visualize and see products, places, or things that aren’t right in front of our face or within arms reach. The graphics used on each website are very important. Most of the websites listed for us to check out are selling product or trying to sell the landscape. How can you sell product or landscape without seeing it first? No one wants to order a boat to build, or set up a playground structure, without knowing what it looks like and how it works. And you’d have to have a lot of money to buy a classic car without looking at a picture of it first. Having clear descriptive pictures greatly adds to the consumers confidence about ordering a product online. The pictures of the golf course show the condition and beauty of the course. It really helps you visualize yourself being there. One useful tool I found was the compare spa tool. It lets you compare two spas at the same time so you can easily see the features of both of the spas. I have a hot tub and know this can be helpful when purchasing a hot tub for the first time. I also found the snow report on the Big White website to be a good tool especially if you’re heading out to the mountain for the day . It gives you an over view of how much snow the mountain has received in the last 12 to 24 hours as well as a cumulative snowfall, current temperature, skies, visibility, winds, and what runs are open. One graphic element used for navigation I found interesting was the dragon-fly following the cursor on the museum site. It suites the integrity of the web-site and I like dragon-fly’s. I also like the way the website flows when you navigate from 300+ to the present. The only thing I found to be bothersome was on the wine festivals web-site. When you click on some of the sponsors names the image doesn’t load on the next page, just a box with a question mark shows up. Most of the images worked but a few didn’t. One website that I like the graphic look of is

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Bringing us Closer

Sports Junkies around the globe rejoice interactive media is making it easy for us to become closer to our favorite athletes and follow our favorite teams then ever before. Never have we felt so connected to these larger than life superstars. Remember collecting sports cards? Taking them to school, trading them, reading the dinky little sum up on the back that basically told us their out of date career stats and highlights… Do teens still do that? I’ve yet to have my own children and don’t hang out on the playground during the day, but I highly doubt any of them have a sports card collection. Instead they most likely have a brand new I phone or Android with an unlimited data plan. Who needs a closet full of baseball cards? That’s boring! We want more. We want to know how these superstars live the grind. The day-to-day occurrences what they drive? Where they shop? What music do they listen to? How they feel about certain issues that relate to us. We no longer root for these guys based souly on their past field performances or because Dad told us too. It is much more than that. Social media has forever changed the way we perceive professional athletes. Facebook and Twitter two of the more popular networking services, have given us fans a simple way of becoming instantly connected to our favourite athletes. We don’t have to read the sports section in the paper or subscribe to magazines, we already know what they ate for supper via their latest post. We can even interact with the athletes by posting comments. It gives us sports junkies something we can relate to, a storyline behind the actual game. When we’re watching the game we feel more knowledgeable and connected to what is happening on the field. Popular television shows Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn are utilizing the popularity of social networks updating their status’ regularly and posting video clips of behind the scene out takes. The ScoreMobile app is one of my favourite apps and I suggest even the casual sports fan download it. It’s free to download easy to use and helps you follow your favourite team or teams. It gives you stats, live scoring, and real-time alerts when your team scores or the quarter changes. There are many specific alert options to choose from. It also has a news section, a standings, and schedule section, a video section, and a T.V listing section, where you can see the exact time the game starts in your local area and what station it is playing on. It is a really useful app and regarded as one of the top sports apps out there.

ScoreMobile icon

What happens if I have to run for milk and Duke is playing Michigan and I forget my smart phone? (which is highly unlikely because I don’t take a crap without it!)…Digital Billboards is what happens.

It truly is amazing the things people come up with personally I think that’s a little over kill but clearly the boys at Creative Services Sports Unit don’t. Interactive media is even effecting the medical side of sports. Sideline doctors and trainers will soon be using the iPad to assist in the diagnosis of concussions. You don’t have to look very hard to see interactive media it’s a major part of the world we live in. Here is a link to Casey Richards portfolio  he is the writer/producer at Creative Services Sports Unit. You might also want to check out his more interesting current website to give you a better idea of what he and his team do. I also thought I would throw in a link to one of my favorite athletes twitter page Arian Foster if you want to check it out. Thanks for reading I promise next time I will think out of my box.

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